Tumble Coffee - Branding & Packaging

A branding and packaging project for a fictional coffee shop named "Tumble".

Tumble Coffee   
Bringing a White Christmas to New Zealand
The brief was to come up with completely new concept which includes branding and package design for a company of your choosing.In the last couple of decades, New Zealand has undergone a coffee revolution as many Kiwis have become connoisseurs of their favoured black beverage. Designers and coffee have become so symbiotic in internet culture, we decided to go with a coffee shop aptly named “tumble” after the process of coffee-making called tumbling, and the target audience that most coffee shops attract - young crowds which are regular on social media like Tumblr. I worked with fellow designers Carl Mendoza, Natalia Zhilveskya and Marluxia Bliss to develop a new sub-brand, packaging and promotional assets to launch a new range of flavours for coffee under the tumbles brand. There were four new flavours - Peppermint, Chilly, Ginger and Cherry, all winter specific flavours. This project was completed as part of the Diploma of Computer Graphic Design course at Yoobee School of Design.
The project included designing new menus, packaging, cups, cookie tins and a little surprise called snow in a tube to keep with the theme of a snowy Christmas in New Zealand.
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